Important things to do after buying a new mobile phone

Mobile phone

We all want to use a good mobile in our life. Undoubtedly, the experience of buying a new mobile is different in everyone’s life. A very happy moment in his life then. After buying a new mobile we have some things to do. If we are proficient in these subjects, we will be able to use our mobile phones very comfortably. Very nice and will last a few years of normal use. There comes a time in life when our smartphone becomes a constant companion. After buying a new phone, adjust some settings for your privacy and to keep your information confidential. Protect yourself from mobile phone hacking

What do we do after buying a new smartphone?

After buying a new mobile phone, first we need to open our mobile account or verify it through a new Gmail account. These data. Can be shared with someone else. As a result, you will have less fear of data theft.

Necessary work after buying a new mobile phone?

We usually use many third party apps and bring files, images, videos from other’s mobiles through sharing, these should be avoided. Due to which mobile virus will be less affected. Don’t use more software than necessary.

Mobile battery care after buying a new phone.

After buying a new smartphone, we usually open it and press it or start using it. We should charge the mobile fully. Mobile should not be charged with any charger other than the specified charger. The mobile phone should not be used while it is charging as it is more likely to heat up the mobile phone.

Internet usage on new mobiles

After we buy new mobile phone everything is rough used which makes it not possible to use it for long time. We should pay attention to some aspects while using the Internet, such as: Sharing some links through messages on the Internet and clicking on those links can hack your mobile. These should be avoided. Network should be turned off after using internet to save battery. Another thing to be careful about is never charge the mobile with the internet on.

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