Bangladesh enters the era of 350 cc motorcycles 2024

“The higher the CC of the motorcycle, the better the safety.”

The government has approved the release of motorcycles with an engine capacity of up to 350 cc in the country’s market.

Is 350cc allowed in Bangladesh?

Taskin Ahmed, Vice Chairman of IFAD Group, said that the Ministry of Interior has given final approval on Thursday (September 7).

Ending many speculations, the Bangladesh government has approved the use of motorcycles with engine capacity up to 350 cc in the Bangladesh market.

Taskin Ahmed, Vice Chairman of the US Ministry IFAD Group gave the final approval. He also said he expects the official launch of the 350cc Royal Enfield in June next year. Will start exporting products to international market very soon. Generally, motorcycles with engine capacity above 165 cc were not allowed in our country. Thinking of bike lovers. Under the initiative of IFAD, Bangladesh will be able to use high CC motorcycles of other companies including Royal Enfield in the Bangladesh market.

350 cc motorcycle has been approved in Bangladesh

IFAD Group Chairman Taskin Ahmed said that after the agreement with Royal Enfield, IFAD Group tried to convince the government to increase the engine capacity of all motorcycles in the country.

In 2021, the Ministry of Industries gave approval for the first production. However, the police did not approve the sale in the local market due to security concerns due to police complications. After overcoming these hurdles, the Ministry of Home Affairs has given the necessary clearance, he said.

What is the new CC limit in Bangladesh?

Taskin Ahmed also said that until now there was no opportunity to sell motorcycles on only 165 cc in Bangladesh. But now that barrier has been removed, many motorcycle companies will invest in this sector. moved up the limits for road motorcycles from 250cc to 500cc openin

IFAD Motors is now setting up its motorcycle factory at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Shilpa Nagar in Mirsrai, Chittagong to manufacture the iconic Royal Enfield bikes with 350 cc and larger engines.

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